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What is this all about?

Retired NYC Firefighter Tim Duffy is a veteran who has a passion for those who suffer from PTSD and Dogs. He combined those passions by training Dogs in need of a home with veterans suffering from PTSD to give both of them something they desperately need, each other!


How does this work?

Tim shares his fascinating and inspiring story as a NYC Firefighter who responded off duty to the 9-11 attack in Manhattan. He has been traveling the USA  sharing this story and networking to find dogs/veterans who need his services and  raise funds. 1S1D1T is a Non-profit organization dedicated t helping veterans suffering from PTSD


What can you Do?

People all over the country have been inspired to join this effort to bring 1 Soldier and 1 Dog together so that as a Team they can help each other

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Please allow 72 hours for a response. Due to our travel and training schedule, if you need is more urgent, please call.

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